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Name:Jen Daring
Birthdate:May 2
Location:United States of America
Jen was tripping on the brown acid (and a lot of other stuff) at Woodstock when some guy bit her and fed her his blood. Then he wandered off high on her blood and got burned in the sun.

Then some other vampires found her, and they whacked her on the head with a shovel and buried her, and expected her to come up a monster. Instead she came up just Jen, and so they whacked her and buried her again. Nothing. After that her Clanmates threatened to stab everyone if they didn't stop doing that, so they left her alone.

They found out she wouldn't kill and talked about destroying her, but then they found out her blood gets everyone high and makes Vaulderie a lot more fun. So they kept her around to keep up Pack morale.

Then a Salubri who wouldn't kill innocents joined and took the presusre off her some. And a lot of the really evil ones kept being stupid and getting themselves killed. And Jen had visions that saved the Pack a few times. Things started to shift in the Pack, and for some reason the hard-nosed Ductus and Priest let it happen. All the while, watching Jen.

Then the Sabbat turned out to be bad guys too and the Pack ran North and lost some people. Jen and the others started taking in refugees--first Anarchs, then other vampires, then whatever allies of convenience they could find. They hid out in a cave in California while the old world ended around them.

Now it's over a decade later and the new world is really really dangerous. But at least it's not doomed, and no one is bothering telling Jen to be evil any more. Also dinosaurs are back, which is neat.

Jen Daring is an NPC from a postapocalyptic AU White Wolf game. Her PB is Audrey Kitching.

Interests (11):

grateful dead, hallucinogen persisting perception disorder, hippie culture, hippies, malkavian, malkavians, peace love and blood, peace love and drugs, the grateful dead, white wolf, world of darkness
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